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Programming on the Raspberry Pi – Program in python

How to create a window in Python 2.7: Open Python 2.7 (Idle) from the programming menu and type in the following: import pygame pygame.init() screen = pygame.display.set_mode([640, 480]) pygame.display.set_caption(“Hello Python World!”) NOTE: You can change the title to whatever you … Continue reading

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Setting up your Raspberry Pi

Get your Pi set up in eight easy steps: Purchase a Pi by searching up ‘Buy a Raspberry Pi’ and buying one from a website. You could choose to buy a Pi 2, or 3 or B+ if you want … Continue reading

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PC Minecraft?

You can access Minecraft on the Pi easily, just click on Menu and click games, and click Minecraft Pi, but could you run PC Minecraft as the Pi runs Linux and Linux supports PC Minecraft? All of you readers can … Continue reading

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Teleporter for Minecraft Pi! Raspbian Jessie!!!!

I wanted to do a feature for Raspbian Jessie users for Minecraft Pi Teleporting. My Wheezy Teleporter is here: The Jessie Teleporter: Make a new file called in /home/Pi and copy the following text and post it into geany … Continue reading

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Teleporter for Minecraft Pi! Raspbian Wheezy Tutorial!

Use a teleporter in Minecraft Pi on Raspbian Wheezy by opening LXTerminal and typing cd mcpi/api/python/mcpi and then typing in nano The code is below. from minecraft import Minecraft from time import sleep mc = Minecraft.create() x, y, z … Continue reading

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TNT Trail!

Today on Minecraft Pi Edition I programmed a TNT trail. You walk around after the code has been ran, and TNT appears! Ignite some! Please note that not all the TNT is ignitable but the unignitable TNT still blows up … Continue reading

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Raspbian Jessie, NOOBS and Raspberry Pi 3!

Today I got my RPi 3 and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see what was new. I inserted a microSD card with NOOBS on it. Then Raspbian Jessie acually worked and booted. It was slow at first but booted. I was … Continue reading

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Minecraft Pi Edition

Hello! I will show you how to get Minecraft Pi installed on a Raspi. Note: If you have Raspbian Jessie, Minecraft is already installed. For Raspbian Wheezy: 1. Open Dillo 2. Visit, click the link and choose where to … Continue reading

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Epic Chas Gamer skin for MCPE

Skin by Epic Chas Gamer. Enjoy! Epic Chas Gamer 😀 To change your skin, launch up Minecraft PE and click skins. After downloading the skin, click custom and then navigate to the folder of the skin. Click on the skin … Continue reading

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MCPE Sky-Glide!

I guess that is what it is called, anyway. Step 1: Build a high tower out of any block. Go up to any height you want, I am going for the max (128 blocks). Step 2. Crouch and jump. Then … Continue reading

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