MCPE Sky-Glide!

I guess that is what it is called, anyway.

Step 1:

Build a high tower out of any block. Go up to any height you want, I am going for the max (128 blocks).




Step 2.

Crouch and jump. Then click on the up button



Step 3. Move away from the tower of blocks. You can now glide around. Simply press on down to go down and go down to land to land on the ground. Press crouch to stop crouching.


Epic Chas Gamer 🐕





About Epic Chas Gamer

I am a computer programmer who can create a mobile app for your website. I am also a Raspberry Pi expert and modern gamer, with Minecraft as my favourite. I develop ECG SeaSurf, a web browser only just released, crafting the future. The project is available for Windows and a BETA Linux version at I will also be voicing Shield Evil in "ECG Sir Wolf's Castle", as well as Chas and a few others. UPDATED ON 12th February 2017, at 14:46
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2 Responses to MCPE Sky-Glide!

  1. Spacey says:

    Amazing! I didn’t know that was possible!


  2. For some reason, this feature has been removed from Minecraft PE. I wish it would be added again!


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