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Epic Chas Gamer 2.0!

Epic Chas Gamer might have been redesigned, as you might have seen. The new things of Epic Chas Gamer are: New widgets New Project File post layout. Also Charlieseverythingblog is getting better as well, as I will make the blog … Continue reading

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How to make a professional WordPress Blog

There are a few ways that I think will make your WordPress Blog more professional. 1. Customize your blog. This will make it look new and shiny, ready for some more posts. Try and Customize your blog so that it … Continue reading

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How to download Raspbian ‘wheezy’ in 2016!

With a 4GB SD Card and a RasPi Model B, I wanted to install Raspbian. I tried to use my Pi3 and an SD Reader and dd to write the image of Raspbian over to my 4GB SD Card. Then … Continue reading

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Gameband and RasPi3

A Gameband is a cool wristband that backs up Minecraft data, allows you to create animations and even tell the time! You must plug it into your computer through USB to charge it, and while it is plugged in you … Continue reading

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NOOBS is working again on my RPi3!

I plugged the microSD card for my Pi3 into my tablet, downloaded NOOBS from and downloaded the ZIP file. Then I used Astro File Manager to unzip NOOBS onto my Pi3’s SD Card. Then I unmounted it from my … Continue reading

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NOOBS 1.9.2 won’t work on my Raspberry Pi anymore

Today I tried to upgrade NOOBS to a better version and rebooted my Pi3. Then I pressed SHIFT for recovery mode and there was nothing new! So I pressed ESC and my Pi suddenly showed a menu saying Select OS … Continue reading

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A successfull OpenGL session on my RPi3

Today I had to do a Pi Recovery reset to free up some storage on my RPi3. Once done, I opened raspi-config and enabled ‘AB GL Driver’. I rebooted and I had to unplug the power supply and replug it … Continue reading

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Some features of Raspbian Jessie!

Sonic Pi: If using Raspbian ‘wheezy’ then open up LXTerminal and type sudo apt-get install sonic-pi # To install Sonic Pi Software onto your RasPi If using Raspbian Jessie then make sure the package sonic-pi is up to date. Open … Continue reading

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Project File 1 for Some Features of Raspbian Jessie

This project file requires the following project files: No project files are required This project must be copied and pasted into Sonic Pi. Then click Run and enjoy! The project file: play 58 play 65 play 67 sleep 2 play … Continue reading

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Charlieseverythingblog clean up!

All posts on are being cleaned up, so your experience across my old blog (that I am now continuing to write on) is better! I am soo excited to create posts for Charlieseverythingblog again!

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