Sense HAT emulator on Raspbian

On the latest version of raspbian a new app appeared. This app is a sense hat emulator. It is very cool and when you do from sense_hat import SenseHat do from sense_emu import SenseHat instead. For example, here is some Python code that I found here! Here is the code, but this code is for the emulator instead of the emulator for your web browser:

from sense_emu import SenseHat

sense = SenseHat()
red = (255, 0, 0)
sense.show_message(“How cool is this?”, text_colour = red)


Have fun experimenting!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


About Epic Chas Gamer

I am a computer programmer who can create a mobile app for your website. I am also a Raspberry Pi expert and modern gamer, with Minecraft as my favourite. I develop ECG SeaSurf, a web browser only just released, crafting the future. The project is available for Windows and a BETA Linux version at I will also be voicing Shield Evil in "ECG Sir Wolf's Castle", as well as Chas and a few others. UPDATED ON 12th February 2017, at 14:46
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