What is a Raspberry Pi?

A Raspberry Pi is a £30 computer the size of a credit card designed with kids and programming in mind. It is capable of doing everything a desktop computer is capable of, from surfing the net to playing Minecraft. On this blog I sometimes write about it. You can learn more about the Raspberry Pi at … Continue reading What is a Raspberry Pi?

Unofficial Raspberry Pi Clock Application

Hi guys. Today I have been experimenting with Python and Pygame. I managed to make a clock application for the Raspberry Pi. Here is the code: import pygame, sys, time pygame.init() screen = pygame.display.set_mode((1184, 624), pygame.FULLSCREEN) pygame.display.set_caption("Raspberry Pi Clock") clockFont = pygame.font.Font(None, 72) clock = pygame.time.Clock() ##COLOURS WHITE = (255, 255, 255) RED = (255, … Continue reading Unofficial Raspberry Pi Clock Application

Chromium 53 on Raspbian Jessie (updated)

Hi guys.When I showed you how to install Chromium 53 on Raspbian Jessie in an older post, it lead to dependency errors. I COMPLETELY didn't notice this. So here is the tutorial, tested with Raspbian Jessie October 2016 release. THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON A PI 2 OR PI 3! TESTED WITH RASPBIAN JESSIE OCTOBER … Continue reading Chromium 53 on Raspbian Jessie (updated)