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Wolf in Minecraft “Wolf that isn’t tamed that is tamed”

I was playing Minecraft PE 0.16.0 and I saw some wolves I had tamed in 0.15.0. However, I couldn’t stand them up. They looked like this:

Wow. I think it is a cool and weird glitch. However, when I tamed new wolves, they looked like regular tamed wolves. It is a shame I can’t stand them up.

Have you found this glitch?!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Secret desktop apps on Android

Here are a few secret desktop apps for Android…

1. Chima Speedorz

I love this one. Chima Speedorz runs in a web browser on the Desktop and an app version is available for Android. It has all the features of the desktop version, so they are both equivalent.


Get it for free from the Play Store.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is available for Android 4.1+. It used to be available for Android 4.0, but now it isn’t.

“AndroidΒ 4.0–4.0.4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” is a discontinued version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google.”


So, Android 4.0 is discontinued, so Chrome for Android 4.0 is discontinued too. It is a shame, but barely any Android users use Android 4.0, so I get why Google discontinued Chrome for Android 4.0.

Anyways, it works in a similar way to the desktop version, but is more limited. For example:

Chrome Web Store is not supported on Android

You can’t choose Chrome’s homepage.


This is what you get if you visit on Android

However, if you just use Chrome for surfing the web, or don’t care about the Chrome Web Store, then Chrome for Mobile can be a good replacement for Google Chrome for Desktop.

3. SuperTux

If you want a Mario inspired game, SuperTux is the game for you. You play as Tux, the Linux penguin, and you fight off bad guys. Get it from the Play Store.

It is exactly the same as the desktop version, with touchscreen optimization.


There are loads more desktop apps to explore!

Epic Chas Gamer πŸ˜€

Epic Chas Gamer 1.3

Update-time! A new update for Epic Chas Gamer!

Change log:

Changed name from ECG back to Epic Chas Gamer

Added new flag counter

NOTE: As I haven’t used flag counter in the past, it says that only a couple of countries have viewed my blog. Lots of countries have viewed my blog before, it is just something to do with flag counter.

Hope you like the update!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Flag Counter

New world in Minecraft PE

I created a new world in Minecraft PE. I made a basic underground base to hide in on my first few nights. I have already survived my first night, hope I will survive second night as well. But eventually I will have to go out and fight those scary monsters, oh yeah. I am trying not to think about that just yet.

My underground base is very basic at the moment: all it has is a furnace and crafting table!


My underground base at the moment

After my second night I will add some improvements to the base. And maybe one day I will be mining diamonds! Avoiding lava pools! Battling the wither (the wither will be coming in MCPE 0.16.0, if you don’t know that)!

Hope you like this post!

Epic Chas Gamer πŸ˜€

Flag Counter

Classic Epic Chas Gamer finally reaches an end

For 3 years Charlieseverythingblog (my original blog) was going through a ‘classic’ phase. For almost a year, Epic Chas Gamer has too. However, classic Epic Chas Gamer reaches an end before it’s first year!

Instead of an Epic Chas Gamer classic v3.2, I present to you…

… ECG v1.02!

It doesn’t remove the tagline, oh no. It changes the tagline from ‘Unbelivably Epic’ to ‘Gaming, coding and more’. It also changes site name from Epic Chas Gamer to ECG, E for Epic, C for Chas and G for Gamer. My username remains the same and so does my blog address.

Of course, it has loads more features! Lets explore them!

New follow button:

The follow button hasn’t changed – it is the same old one. However, the text shown above it is different.


The new follow text

A note: ECG 1.02 is still in development. I will add far more features. For now, enjoy!

Epic Chas Gamer, owner of ECG πŸ˜€

PS: Charlieseverythingblog is still at classic, and will be for a long time, but Charlieseverythingblog classic will be getting it’s limited update soon!


Developer options Android

Each Android device has a secret set of options – Developer options. To enable them,

go to Settings/About Device and tap build number loads of times, 5 steps, 4 steps, 3 steps, 2 steps, 1 step, you are now a developer.

Now go to Settings/Developer options and mess around with the options.



Epic Chas Gamer 😎

How to disable Developer options.

Go to Settings/Developer options and turn Developer options off. Then go to Settings/Apps and swipe right until you find all. Then find settings, tap on it and click clear data. Confirm to clear data and then settings will crash.

Launch Settings and Developer options will be gone!

Have fun!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎