Do you think that “Be the first to like this” should be removed from

If nobody has liked your post yet, it will say Be the first to like this. Do you think this should be removed from and it should just say 0 bloggers like this? Vote in the poll below!

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About Epic Chas Gamer

I am a computer programmer who can create a mobile app for your website. I am also a Raspberry Pi expert and modern gamer, with Minecraft as my favourite. I develop ECG SeaSurf, a web browser only just released, crafting the future. The project is available for Windows and a BETA Linux version at I will also be voicing Shield Evil in "ECG Sir Wolf's Castle", as well as Chas and a few others. I don't own Red Button but I contribute to it. UPDATED ON 1st March 2017, at 8:06 😎😎

2 thoughts on “Do you think that “Be the first to like this” should be removed from

  1. codeinfig

    sorry, i dont do polldaddy (and i cant recommend an alternative, im afraid.)

    under comments it also says “no comments– add the first!” i actually think this does more good than harm. if on average it makes people more likely to comment/like the first time, then its good. (after that, the message isnt there anyway.) i like comments and likes, so i welcome it if it works. i think its successfully inviting, on average.


    1. Epic Chas Gamer Post author

      Thank you for your opinion – I totally appreciate it.

      And if you don’t do polldaddy polls, that’s OK.

      I don’t really like the Be the first to like message
      But the no comments add the first isn’t on my blog, but if it was I wouldn’t mind the add the first comment.

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