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One lovely blog award – who are my favourite bloggers?

This challenge has spread across the internet like fire (I didn’t create this challenge) so I have decided to do one. Basically, I have to tell you 7 things about my character. And up to 15 bloggers I enjoy. I … Continue reading

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ECG Calendar 2017 full official release

Hello and Good Morning, World! With Android Studio, I have been developing lots of software for Android, including ECG Calendar 2017. The full release has a clock as well. Get the software here! Enjoy! Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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Ways to get Microsoft Office for free

Usually, you have to pay money for Microsoft Office. But there are several ways to get Office for free, even if it isn’t forever. From a 60-day free trial for Office 2013 to Mobile and Web versions of Office, you … Continue reading

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Meet BeProductive

ECG BeProductive The Productivity Suite that is free and allows you to get things done in style. Coming Soon Write down notes ECG BeProductive includes ECG Writer so you can write down notes with ease. Calculate stuff ECG BeProductive also … Continue reading

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