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One lovely blog award – who are my favourite bloggers?

This challenge has spread across the internet like fire (I didn’t create this challenge) so I have decided to do one. Basically, I have to tell you 7 things about my character. And up to 15 bloggers I enjoy. I … Continue reading

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I submitted my comment for review. 

Problem 1: My comment gets approved, but part of the comment has been removed. I took a part out of your comment because I or someone else may not of felt comfortable with it. Problem 2: My comment has not … Continue reading

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Charlieseverythingblog not getting massive blog redesign like Epic Chas Gamer

Epic Chas Gamer 3.2 sneaky peek Epic Chas Gamer is up to version 3.1, with 3.2 being released next week. Charlieseverythingblog is still at version 2, and is not getting a massive blog redesign anytime soon. Charlieseverythingblog is extremely valuable … Continue reading

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