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One lovely blog award – who are my favourite bloggers?

This challenge has spread across the internet like fire (I didn’t create this challenge) so I have decided to do one. Basically, I have to tell you 7 things about my character. And up to 15 bloggers I enjoy. I … Continue reading

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Code in HTML – hyperlinks that open in a new tab

Hi guys. Wanna know how to open Hyperlinks in a new tab. Well, this is the guide for you! Epic Chas Gamer Use the following code:¬†<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Here!</a> Replace with the site you want to link to. Then, change … Continue reading

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Code in HTML: hyperlinks

I know lots of you guys want to know how to insert hyperlinks into HTML Use a less than (<) symbol and type a href="" then a more than symbol then a space and then write what you want to … Continue reading

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How to add your flag counter to an HTML document

NOTE: YOU CAN ADD YOUR FLAG COUNTER TO WORDPRESS POSTS USING THIS GUIDE, CLICK¬†HERE! First, go to and find Customize/Widgets. Find the HTML code for your flag counter widget and copy it into your HTML document. Save the document … Continue reading

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