You have all heard the Minecraft myth “Herobrine”. Some of you may of seen this mob. Today I loaded up a new Minecraft World and visited https://www.ijaminecraft.com/cmd/herobrine_boss for a command to spawn him.

It didn’t work. I was playing latest release so I downgraded to 1.8 just to spawn him.

IT WORKED! I had to use the enchanted blocks the command provided me with to create a spawner and Herobrine spawned. He was invincible for about ten minutes and then kept teleporting me far underground where there were zombies and stuff…

I didn’t manage to defeat him sadly, he was armoured up. However, this is soo cool.

New Epic Chas Gamer skin

Back in May 2016, I posted about my skin for Minecraft. The skin now has a letter “C” for Chas on it and a happy face.

Be aware that the old Minecraft skin post may be deleted or updated with the latest skin, possibly erasing the old one. Never fear, Internet Archive is here. If you want to use the old skin just visit the old post in the Web Archive to view it and download the old skin.

This blog will start displaying SeaSurf news again. ecgsoftware.wordpress.com is just information and fact about it now!

Looks like the Polldaddy Ratings are going well. I am going to change them to a five-star rating soon so I can see exactly where I have went wrong and where I have went right.

ecgsoftware.wordpress.com is now a simple Wiki-based blog. It contains pages about ECG SeaSurf and other projects I am working on, including BeProductive, which will be an addon for SeaSurf, despite formerly being known as an upcoming productivity suite.

This blog will have news about it – however, the ECG Software Wiki Blog may sometimes have exclusive news.

Keep subscribed to ecgsoftware.wordpress.com though, because of monthly news.


Sir Wolf’s Castle – Tamed Monster

Sir Bum-Smacker was having a dream. A dream where a monster tamed wolf was about to eat him. He woke up, screaming so loudly that everyone else in the Tamed Wolf Home woke up, including a group of tired neutral wolves, who got angry very quickly.

Sir Bum-Smacker sneaked into Shield Evil’s bedroom, and Shield was whispering to himself. Sir Bum-Smacker screamed, resulting in Shield getting really mad with him.

“What are you doing?!” asked Sir Bum-Smacker. Shield Evil ignored him, continuing to whisper to himself. Sir Bum-Smacker repeated the question in an angrier voice.

“I am considering what to do with a Monster Tamed Wolf…”


A few mother wolves and their puppies walked in to Shield’s bedroom to complain. Shield waved the potion towards them and they ran away.

“Bum, we have to get used to it. It will help us win back the castle. Sir Wolf will be much yummier than ever before.”

“But how?”

“Don’t you see, it eats any creature that isn’t tamed.”

“What about tamed?”

“Don’t you see that our mind-control potion will sort that out. They will help us”

Sir Bum-Smacker went back to bed, shivering.

In the morning, Shield Evil went to the monster tamed wolf’s house and saw someone inside. A black criminal-looking figure. Shield Evil ran in and the figure hopped up the stairs, mining the stairs as he went along so Shield could not catch him. Shield shot an arrow up the stairs and it hit the black figure, making him fall. He ran through the rooms and swooped out an enchanted diamond sword. Shield looked for a second, and daydreamed about what he could do with it. He imagined running towards the castle with it, fighting hostile wolves with it, all wolves bowing down to him and Sir Wolf giving the throne to him. Shield leaped, snatching the sword and cackling. The black figure looked worried, and grabbed a normal diamond sword and mimicked Shield’s cackling, making Shield think that the normal sword was much more powerful than the enchanted one. Shield was about to grab it and then the figure put it behind his back, telling Shield that they must swap swords. Shield trusted the figure and they swapped swords and the figure ran away,. Then Shield realised he was holding a fake sword. Shield went to check whether the monster tamed wolf was OK. The monster was imprisoned underground, and Shield attempted to help it, but the monster crushed all the caves and came storming out, destroying the monster’s home completely. Loads of wolves, tamed and untamed, ran for their lives.

Bum-Smacker was whistling to himself and then he saw the monster tamed wolf.